A Poetry Party

(more technical glitches with these poetry posts — the cyber gremlins must have a thing against poetry! Please check in tomorrow for the last of the student poems.)
We had way too much fun with Vida Zuljevic this past week, didn’t we? She had a hard time selecting just a few student poems to include in the interview so I thought today’s post should be completely devoted to more student work. 
I Love Music
By Leilani, 5th
Music is loud
and sometimes it’s soft
But I still love it
And the way it sounds.
I use my voice,
I sing, and sing, and sing…
I love the melody
That every song makes
and I play my rhythm
I start to shake,
and move, and dance…
Oh, I love music….
By Felichiya
Poetry is a hobby
For everybody
It expresses your feelings
When you are lonely, happy, excited.
It tells what you like or you don’t.
Or your poem can be a gift!
So you see,
Everybody can take pleasure in it.
By Marisol, 3rd
windy, dark
falling, raking, helping
Jackets, sweaters, swimsuits, sandals
playing, swimming, laughing
Hot, sunny
When Life Is Bad
Raheem, 5th
Why do bad things happen to good people?
We should know how to be equal, so
We all could do stuff together.
Take my hand!
Together we can take a stand
Why get mad when you can be glad for what you have
Everybody should know that nobody is perfect
Doing bad things is not worth it
You shouldn’t even be mad when life is bad
Keep what you have and be glad for what you have.
They’re finally showing me respect
But I had to earn every bit
Everything I did that got me in trouble
Wasn’t really worth it.
I’m Not Moving
By Alexia, 5th
I’m not moving!
I have my friends
I have my family
I’m not moving
Why? I don’t want
to leave them.
That’s why!
By Liza, 5th
Mother is a wonderful person
She gives you a hug
She gives you a kiss
She sings you a lovely song at night
and tells you
“I love you. Good night!”
                                By  Alondra, 5th
Smart kids
Caring teachers
Hot lunches, yum!
Outstanding principal
Open books to enjoy
Lovable teachers listening to your problems
By Amanda, 4th
Together with my
Happy and        
Adorable family, we admire
November because it is a
Kind of month to celebrate.
Since I have God and my family, I’m happy. I
Go shopping for food for dinner
Ilike turkey and
Ilike to share the
Night with my family around the table
God, thank you for everything you give me in my life.
Happy Thanksgiving!
By Sean, 5th
You said, you’d always be around
Now, you are nowhere to be found
I know, you are just a clown
By Ramon, 2nd
Poor, curious
Climbing, planting, running
Working hard every day
Lady  Bug Spots
Raquel, 5th (a poem for two voices)
Even pretty while flying                          
Please, don’t say you don’t like them`                 
Could even be prettier than a butterfly
 Kind of small
So pretty
                                           Probably the prettiest insects ever
Oh so wonderful
                                           Tiny and