Friend Friday

I first met Terry Trueman at a Children’s Literature Festival in Warrensburg, Missouri. Terry is one of those larger-than-life kind of people and I am not. So our first meeting would not have led me to believe we could become friends. But Terry’s heart is huge and we have shared many encouraging (and discouraged!) emails back and forth. Though it’s been out since August, I’m pleased to celebrate his latest book, Life Happens Next.

Here are the official details: 
Stuck in Neutral, a Printz Honor Book, introduced the world to Shawn McDaniel, a fourteen-year-old kid with cerebral palsy. But what happens next?

Shawn’s got a new perspective on life. But no one has a clue. That’s because they can see only his wheelchair, his limp body, his drool. What they don’t see? His brain, with perfect auditory memory. And his heart, which is in love with a girl. And his fierce belief that someday someone will realize there’s way more to him than his appearance.

How do you connect with others when you can’t talk, walk, or even wave hello? In the sequel to Stuck in Neutral, which ALA Booklist called “an intense reading experience,” Shawn McDaniel discovers a new definition of “normal” and finds that life happens next for everyone.

Before you read the book, be sure to hop on over to Terry’s energetic and engaging website.