South Carolina Wrap Up

The fact that I’ve been slow to post in no way reflects on the lovely (but too-brief) time spent in Greenville, South Carolina with the SC Association of School Librarians. In addition to being the hometown of Barbara O’Connor, Greenville is one charming place. During a short break in the action, Mary and I commandeered the Hilton’s shuttle and driver and finagled a ride to Reedy River Falls, and the darling downtown. Mary and I did our bit to contribute to local economy!

Reedy River Falls — the park is just lovely!
This building was straight out of Italy!

Librarian Susan Dicey and her sweet husband picked Mary and I up at the airport and took us out for a wonderful Italian dinner. Then it was straight to bed to pretend to sleep before our oh-dark-thirty wake up call. We kicked off the day with a joint presentation about our collaborative writing process, which was well-received. We did, however, get the usual “scoldings” after our talk for writing two books that make people cry.
Kathy and I bonding over the fact that we both have spaniels named Winston
Librarian Cindy Haggerty patiently waited in our long line for autograph and photo

In addition to the warmth and hospitality, one of the remarkable things about South Carolina is that their awards committees are required to have kid members. I think that is absolutely perfect and fitting. Miss Hailey was a second-year member of the picture book award committee and we were honored by having her present us with our award. Though she had to stand on a chair to reach the microphone, there was nothing small about her! Such confidence and poise — I’m thinking a Hailey for President campaign in 2037!
Us with Hailey
The award sticker!

Though it’s never long enough, Mary and I cherish these times that we can present together and especially to such an appreciative and kind group as the SCASL. And our heartfelt thanks go out to Follett (especially Joe Keeton) for supporting our appearance!