Dear Friend in Town

A million years ago, I met Tricia Gardella at a writing workshop at Centrum, near Port Townsend, Washington. She’s like a powerful magnet, pulling everyone she meets into her force field! For some reason, Tricia decided to take me under her wing. Not only was she an amazing (and essential) cheerleader in my early writing days, she invited me to join a group of women who were gathering prior to the annual SCBWI meeting in Los Angeles. It didn’t faze Tricia that she was inviting a newbie, nor did it faze her that she was inviting me (and a couple of other women) to stay at the home of another woman we’d never met!
Working hard! L to R: Tricia, me, Helen, Dian, Vivian, Mary and Ann

But you don’t say “no” to Tricia and those few days led to the forming of the Write Sisters — Tricia, Helen Ketteman, Mary Nethery, Dian Curtis Regan, Vivian Sathre and Ann Whitford Paul, whose house we invaded. Vivian’s now painting rather than writing and Tricia owns and runs two restaurants in her hometown of Jamestown, California, but we are all still the dearest of friends.
Me, Helen, Tricia: gotta love the 90s hairdos!

So you’ll forgive me if I run away for a day or so to Shangri-Lar with Tricia, who is popping into town for a few days before flying to Spokane to watch her granddaughter play basketball.