New (to me) Blog reviews The Friendship Doll

I’ve just discovered Slatebreakers’ bloggers Briana and Sarah, fellow fans of Ann Shirley. Their blog takes its name from the incident in which Ann Shirley cracks a slate over Gilbert’s head when he teases her about her red hair. This is how they introduce themselves:
Anne Shirley is one of our heroes. When she cracked that slate over Gilbert’s head, she took circumstances into her own hands, and made it clear that she was not going to tolerate being teased or objectified by boys (even one who might turn out all right – more than all right – in the end). As book lovers, educators, and feminists, we have started this blog in search of slatebreaking moments in children’s and young adult literature. We’re writing about girls in kidlit and YA who challenge expectations, stand up for themselves and their communities and have a positive impact on the world around them, fictional and otherwise. Expect to see a wide variety of material on this site – a mix of book reviews, critical essays and things that generally interest us. Thanks for joining the conversation!
I for one signed up to follow them. What’s not to like about a blog that celebrates strong girls in children’s literature!

Their spirited and honest (albeit, a tiny bit painful!) review of The Friendship Doll is here.