Where’s Kirby?

You may have noticed I’ve been off-line. Not inappropriate given it’s been a holiday weekend. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with some dear friends who taught me to use an immersion (or stick) blender to whip cream. Who wudda thunk? No mess no fuss and in seconds, voila, whipped cream. On Friday we went to the new Muppet Movie where I only embarrassed my family three (or four) times by crying, not only during the movie, but during the trailers. (I mean, The Whale Movie — what’s not to tear up over?) Saturday I enjoyed watching my friend Emma in a delightful Studio East production of Twas the Night and then on Sunday Neil and I and Winston ran away to Shangri-Lar where, after driving 90 minutes through driving rain, we were blessed with blue skies as we turned down our road.

Another reason I’ve been a bit quiet is that I’m starting work on a new book (gotta keep busy while awaiting the editorial letter for the manuscript turned in a few weeks’ back). I’m at the research phase which is time-consuming but fascinating. Once again, I’m rooting through the historical New York Times and Seattle Daily Times and whatever else I can get my fingers on as I gather as much material as I can. 

Sid Fleischman wrote his historical novels during the day and researched them at night, changing plot points if research uncovered reasons to do so. This method clearly worked for him but, for me, not so much. I must plod and poke and ponder until I feel acclimated to that other place and time enough to begin to spin a tale.

So don’t think I’m ignoring you. I’m just a woman at work.
Now, here’s Sid: