The Three Musketeers Hit the Road

Neil, Winston and I are piling into the car in a couple of hours for a drive to Olympia (with a short stop at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant at Renton’s Coulon Landing) where later tonight I’ll be speaking at the Scholastic Book Fair Northwest Region’s Season Kick-Off meeting (that’s a mouthful!). The event is at the dog-friendly Red Lion which is why Winnie gets to come along but he told me he’d rather stay in the room and watch Animal Planet than come hear me speak. Kids these days!

Winston does love his TV. But he only gets to watch educational channels.

Good friend, Cindy Lord, spoke to the Northeast region last year and gave me a great topic idea. In addition to telling some of the stories behind the stories, I’m also going to tell these enthusiastic book sellers about the responses I get after they put books in the hands of readers. Wish me luck.

It looks like a nice day for a drive! If you’re headed south on I-5 today, too, honk and wave.