Catching Up

The past few weeks have been a bittersweet mix of sorrows and joys. One of the great joys (and reason I wasn’t blogging!) is that our son’s best friend, Kyle, got married on Saturday. We had events every day beginning Thursday through last night. The ceremony was a lovely blend of two faith backgrounds — Jewish and Methodist.  Our family was asked to give a toast at the rehearsal dinner and then Neil and I read one of the Seven Blessings during the service itself. Tyler gave part of his wedding dinner toast in “Nerd,” ably translated by another groomsmen, Jed. It was pretty funny!
Despite our crummy weather, by Saturday the sun was shining as brightly as the smiles on the bride and groom’s faces. That was a lovely omen but even better: as Neil and I drove to the wedding we stopped at a 4-way stop and two Monarch butterflies, flying in perfect tandem formation, flitted in front of us.

It was the best wedding blessing of all!