“There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.”

These are the words of Jean Jacques Rosseau and, boy, do I know how true they are.
Last night at 3rd Place Books, I could look out on the faces of so many good friends, all of them radiating love and support back to me. How did I get so lucky? There were friends who’ve known me since I was in grade school and junior high (that’s you, Rick, Barbara, Lucille and Brad), friends from writing (too many to name but a special shout out to Kevan who shares my passion for the Alzheimer Association cause), neighbors, partners in crime (that’s you, Brooks!), brand new friends (bloggers Jenny and Ruby), and even four legged friends (Vega, a guide-dog in training who brought my favorite family ever, Tim, Amanda and Emma Atkinson). 
I’ve been doing this so long, I can do it with my eyes closed
me with me with Miss Kantoshu, the Friendship Doll at the Rosalie Whyel Doll Museum, Bellevue, WA
Jane Morck of 3rd Place books was my gracious hostess for the evening and warmly introduced me. I shared what had inspired me to write this book and even confessed that I’d had to scrap one version all together and start over from scratch. Of course, I signed oodles of books which made me feel doubly glad — not only am I donating 10% of my royalties to the Alzheimer Association, but last night those great 3rd Place folks were also donating 10%! Good deeds were done by all.
Sharing a laugh with Merna Kochel, whose mother-in-law’s diary was a resource for me in writing Hattie Big Sky

Thanks to everyone who came last night and to all the friends who were there in spirit.