Fill These Shelves

Colleen Mondor, Bookslut YA columnist, needs your books. Well, actually, she needs them for a project she’s supporting to fill the shelves of the library of Ballou High School in Washington, D.C. 

From Colleen: Guys Lit Wire has partnered with the Ballou librarian for this year’s GLW Book Fair. Our goal is to provide more than 900 books to the high school which currently has only just over 1,000 books on its shelves (for more than 1,200 students). 
We are hoping to do a massive information blast on twitter, facebook and the blogs on Wednesday and we hope you will help. All we ask is that you link to the GLW post about the book fair (where you can see a video showing just how empty those library shelves are) at whatever social media platform you prefer. If you are using twitter, please also include the “booksforballou” hashtag so we can get a trend going.

(Here’s the link to the bookfair info.)

Colleen goes on to say: Any assistance you can provide in spreading the word would be much appreciated. When I spoke with Melissa Jackson at Ballou she was cautiously optimistic about the book fair’s success. She has tried for so long to get books that the kids want and need that I suppose the idea that a bunch of strangers would fill her wish list is a bit hard to believe. We are determined to show her just how amazing the lit blogosphere can be however and look forward to posting her delight when all the books start arriving. (Already more than 300 are on the way.)

Thanks, Colleen and Guys Lit Wire! Let’s hope those shelves get filled to overflowing!