My husband may be a vampire. . .

Okay, I was using the new iPhoto feature to group my photos by faces. It’s actually kind of a hilarious exercise, with the tiny little Mac-o-meter trying to identify folks in the some 5000 photos I have (I know; time to clean up the files).
Neil Larson: man or vampire?

Here’s the thing: Even though it took only a couple of photos for the machine to recognize just about everyone else in my life/photo albums, whenever a photo of Neil popped up, the Mac-o-meter did not recognize him. Every single time, I had to replace the word “unnamed” with “Neil.” 
So you know how vampires can’t see their reflections in the mirror? Not much difference between that and being recognized by the Mac-o-meter, right?

Think I’m making a big deal out of nothing? I’m sleeping with a braid of garlic under my pillow. Just in case.