Another Miltenberger Birthday!

My little sister and little brother had to share birthday cakes every year growing up; his birthday was February 27 and hers March 1. Even though she was older, she never complained about sharing. That’s the kind of person she is. Which is why, in grade school, the teacher felt safe sitting her next to the boy who ate everybody’s crayons. Lisa never, ever complained.

In addition to being the kindest person I know, my sister is also the luckiest AND the gutsiest. Lucky in that only she could score a hundred dollar purse at Goodwill for $2.99 or find a baseball-sized chunk of jade on the beach. Gutsiest in that she once tried stand-up comedy (at least once that I know about!) and she is game for anything, including a recent Scrabble tournament. Of course, with her kind heart, she didn’t challenge her 60-something-year-old opponent who spelled heaven this way: heavon. 

That’s my darling baby sis.

Happy Birthday, Cee-sah!

Ask us to do our dance routine to “Margie”!