Lacey Loves to Read. . .and take good care of authors

Day Two of the Lacey Loves to Read whirlwind: cafe au lait and a blueberry scone at the Bread Peddler (worth any excuse to come to Olympia) and then into my mini Cooper carriage to go to Pleasant Glade Elementary where I had a blast talking with kids about how I became a writer. I loved answering their sharp and thoughtful questions and was so excited to be with them all, I forgot to take any photos. Picture a gymnasium full of adorable and smart children here:

I got a short break at a coffee shop (where I spent time brainstorming about a book trailer for The Friendship Doll) and then Courtney and I were off again, this time to Chamber’s Prairie Elementary where I chatted with the kids about writing Nubs.
That’s not a ding on Courtney’s door but a spot on my camera lens.

The school is very high tech and had set things up to stream my presentation to the classrooms that wouldn’t fit into the gym. The man who was running the camera for the streaming not only had the patience of Job, he had the moves of Matt Hasselbeck, trying to keep up with me. It was such a big gym that I kept walking around, trying to connect with all the kids, which made the cameraman’s job nearly impossible. But he hung in there! At the end of my presentation, the school presented me with a primrose for my garden, a book of bird poems and a stunning mug (for my lattes) and plate, handmade by the art teacher, Troy Staszak (I nearly swooned when I saw the art room at Chamber’s Prairie — ooh la la!).

The librarian thoughtfully bookmarked her favorite poems

Made from English Grolleg porcelain by Troy Staszak

After a nice soup and salad lunch, I was given some time off for good behavior (just kidding, Courtney!) and before I knew it, my red mini Cooper chariot was back again to whisk me off for the very last time. 

The Lacey Community Center was packed!!! I was informed that the attendance was even better than the time they hosted Valentine’s Dancing Pigs. I am definitely adding that to my resume. I got to visit with two PAWS dogs (like Reading with Rover dogs), one of whom, Shelby is also an artist. I listened in while a great young man read Nubs to police dog Brett (who is almost as cute as Winston). Then it was time for me to take the stage. After my talk, I signed books for over an hour and a half, in awe that so many families had made time on a weekday night to come out for this event. 

Her painting
Reading Nubs to K-9 Officer & Brett

I wish I had a million dollars because if I did, I would make sure every community could have an event like Lacey Loves to Read. 

And I would also absolutely buy spa gift certificates for Courtney, Jeannette and all of the other LLTR committee members.