I Love Lacey!

How can a day that starts out with a ride in an adorable red mini-cooper go wrong? It can’t! From the moment Courtney Schrieve (Communications Director, North Thurston Public Schools) picked me up at the hotel to the minute I got dropped off tonight after dinner, this has been one fabulous day.
Don’t you love these drawings?

A terrific audience

Chatting with kids after the presentation at Lydia Hawks

First thing this morning, I dialed in for a live interview on MIXX 96.1 FM with on-air personalities, Ann & R.P. I was particularly pleased that they asked about Winston the Wonder Dog! Then Courtney whisked me away in her little car (which needs a name: maybe The Little Engine that Could?!) to Lydia Hawk Elementary (okay, we made a short diversion to Starbucks). I got to meet Armando, the designer of one of the winning Lacey Loves to Read bookmarks. I am kicking myself that I didn’t ask him to sign a bookmark for me. Then, after a lovely introduction from fabulous librarian, Diane Miller, and a presentation of a colorful bouquet of flowers,  I launched into my presentation for some 200+ 1st-3rd graders and had a terrific time. I tried to stay and chat with the kids but that mean old Courtney insisted we must stick to the schedule and I was whisked off to Komachin Middle School. 

The kids there ROCKED — not only were they respectful listeners, they asked amazing questions. Again, I would have stayed and chatted longer but that Courtney. . .what a task master! We were off again for a radio interview at KRXY where I nearly fell off my very tall stool because the interviewer, Bobby Hart, had so thoroughly prepared for my visit. I was so honored that Bobby would’ve taken so much time to familiarize himself with my books. 

After enjoying Saigon noodles (yum!) with Courtney at Chopsticks, I went back to the hotel to change to some walking clothes. I had planned a good walk for my short break but was drawn into Browser’s Books and all was lost. Forty-five minutes later, with three more books for my shelves, I headed back to the hotel with 15 minutes to get ready for the late afternoon educator’s reception at North Thurston High School (thank you to librarian Sally Jones and her assistant Jerie Armstrong). Just to show you the level of support for Lacey Loves to Read in this community, Raj Manhas, Superintendent of the school district, school board member Aaron Owada and city of Lacey Parks and Recreation supervisor, Jeannette Seiler, all made time to attend. Wow!

After the reception, I was whisked off again (three times in one day!) for dinner with some of the Lacey Loves to Read committee, as well as members of the Washington Library Association (WLMA). A great time was had by all even though Sally Jones was not willing to share bites of her chocolate mousse. Somehow, we will forgive her.

“Home” again for a little rest and preparation, including doing a no-snow dance. 

More tomorrow!