In Another World

I spent a good part of Thursday scrunched up against the window of the airplane on which I was flying to Orlando. The nice young man next to me had a cruddy cold and I tried not to cringe every time he sneezed, coughed or blew his nose. Good thing I brought a ton of Emergen-C! (Which, btw, got my suitcase pulled out of the xray machine and handsearched. I guess TSA has something against things that are wholesome and healthy).

There was a Starbucks on my way to pick up a taxi at the Orlando airport and, even though I was the only customer, the barista asked for my name. At her blank expression, I spelled it out for her. This is her version:

Upon arrival at the Disney World Yacht Club Resort (surprise — everything and everyone is decked out uber-nautically), I found this on my bed:

Tis a small world after all — after my morning presentation (did I mention I am on a panel with THE Lois Lowry?!), I get to lunch with my favorite Capone fan, Gennifer Choldenko. And rumor has it that my best bud, Barbara O’Connor and I will actually be able to meet in person — though for far too short a time — over coffee (not Cafe Francais, if I can help it) on Sunday morning.

More bulletins as news warrants!