How often do you drive to a school visit and see a rancher trying to catch an escaped horse? That’s one of the sights I witnessed on the drive from Lewistown to Winnett this morning. The other was a stunning sunrise, pink fingers stretching out to brush the Judith mountains.

After a few technical difficulties with the k-2 presentation (those little guys were troupers!), I moved from one event to another at Winnett School (which also houses the public library): booksigning, 3rd-6th presentation, booksigning, lunch with the Rimrock Book Club (all women), 7-12th presentation, booksigning, photographs, photographs, photographs. Every single elementary class got its photo taken with the famous “arthur.” In the case of the Winnett kindergarten, that was 3 students. I also got my photo taken with the entire student body of the Grass Range school — I think that was 7 or 8 students, k-8.
I took photos myself of all the wonderful posters, banners and displays the Winnett kids created to welcome me to the school. Wait until you see the photos of the letters the 5th grade “Hatties” wrote to the 5th grade “Charlies,” and vice versa.

Yes, I am beyond exhausted but it feels so very worth it when you get serious question after serious question about why I made the choices I did in writing Hattie Big Sky. I was touched by how thoughtful these young (and young plus, in the case of the Rimrock Book Club!) readers were.

Now, I must pack my bags and be ready to go again in the morning. My last day in central Montana will be spent at schools here in Lewistown. Then I head toward Great Falls for one last night in Big Sky Country and fly home Saturday.

More tomorrow!