Fighting a bug

I don’t know if it’s a reaction to my flu shot but I am achy and have a sore throat today. So I’ve converted my bedroom into a temporary office (take a day off? never!).

Winston with his pal, Eeyore

Opposite the bed is a full length mirror which Winston generally doesn’t see because the open door blocks his view. But the door is partway closed so he can see the mirror. . .and that other dog. First, he was excited, running off to get his Eeyore toy to entice the other dog to play. When that didn’t work, a serious round of barking followed.

Then he got suspicious and, when Eeyore fell onto the floor, he stared at it for a long time, half afraid to jump down and pick it up. I could just see his little brain worrying about what that other dog might do. I’ve tried to explain that he is the other dog, but as smart as Winston is, this is a concept that is eluding him (he is only a year and a half after all!)

His antics made me laugh — silly little guy — until I realized I’m a lot like that in my writing. Sometimes there’s something out there that scares me and keeps me from going after what I want or need. And I can’t even own up to the fact that I am that something.

So here’s to facing down that dog in the mirror and going after whatever you need — whether it’s a stuffed toy or the freedom to take a risk in your writing.