Another memorable day

Wednesday was actually my day in Hobson (Harlowtown was Tuesday — I just posted about it on Thursday). Bev was my competent driver who got me safely across the many icy miles from Lewistown to Hobson where a basket of fresh-baked muffins and a kind, excited staff greeted me.  Partners in crime, Karen Hickey and Connie Metcalf, had planned a terrific day not only for the kids at their school, but kids at nearby Moore and Judith Gap. I’m mad at myself that I forgot my camera cable but wait until you see the photos of the quilts the kids made! Speaking of quilts, the cafeteria was turned into a fabric wonderland, adorned with quilts brought in by Hobson friends and neighbors. As a fervent quilt admirer myself, I was especially taken with the autographed fan quilt, circa 1920, and the stunning crazy quilt, completed in 1910.

The students were a complete delight and kept me on my toes with great questions and observations. A highlight of the day was lunch which I got to share with Lois Hajenga and her friend, Joyce. They took me to the Oxen Yoke Inn, one of the oldest bars around. (No, we weren’t drinking Bud Lights; just coffee!). Lois, 85, grew up near Vida in a Danish community and kept Joyce and I entertained with stories of her growing up years. The time with Lois and Joyce flew by, but I won’t forget it, that’s for sure.

After school, there was a cozy reception at the (public) Carnegie Library — in perfect condition and absolutely beautiful. The evening ended with a delicious meal at The Mint, where four of the Central Montana Reading Council regaled me with their past shenanigans. What’s shared at The Mint, stays at The Mint!