Touch Blue

Cynthia Lord is just about the loveliest person in the entire children’s book world and she has a brand new book that you’ll want to know about.

Touch Blue is set on an island in Maine, not unlike one where Cynthia herself taught at one point in her career. Each chapter begins with a saying as unique and wonderful as a bit of seaglass.  The story revolves around Tess and her family who have opened their hearts and homes to a foster child named Aaron. Because Tess is so eager to share her island with Aaron, she is a bit taken aback when he isn’t as eager to accept what she has to share. She’s a good kid who doesn’t quite think things through and, in her desperation to make Aaron happy — and to keep the local island school open–, she does something that may jeopardize his ability to stay with their family.

I love the way the safety net of the island is played against the uncertainties of life; after reading the book, I wanted to move there!

Read Touch Blue and, if you’re not already, read Cindy’s blog. The photos her husband takes will leave you breathless!