Great News!

Fans of the Whidbey Island Writers Conference rejoice! An energetic team is working like mad to relaunch this great writing workshop in 2011. Their first big task: raise $90,000. Since neither Bill Gates nor Paul Allen have stepped up to write a check, the conference crew has to do it the hard way. One dollar at a time.

If you have a few extra sheckels, you can play fairy godmother by donating. See their clever fundraising page here. If they can raise $15,000 by July 1, the Elizabeth George Foundation will match their efforts, dollar for dollar.

Another way to help the conference find its feet again AND help yourself as a writer is to sign up for the June 12 day of Chats on the island. Yours truly will be speaking at the Children’s/YA house, along with energizer bunny Patrick Jennings and agent Andrea Brown. More info can be found here.

If you can’t donate or attend, maybe there’s some way you can volunteer! This phenomenal conference deserves a second life!