Working Girl

I really, really am working hard on my manuscript. But I wanted to take a minute out for a short post about one of my writing habits.

Looks like a big mess, doesn’t it? On any given day, there are three or four of these sheets, immediately to the right of my mouse pad. These are my “doodle” pads and I couldn’t work without them. I might use them to figure out ages of my characters on a certain date or relationships between characters, or use them as space to play around with names.  If you look closely, you’ll even see the names of the Christmas cookies my daughter and I are going to bake together on Sunday, including Peppakakor for my Swedish father-in-law.

When I have both sides of a page filled, I slip it into the recycling bin. I’m sure there’s a much higher tech way to deal with these side-trips in the writing process, but this works for me.