Bits and PIeces

Forgive any typos, but I am perfecting the art of typing with one uber-relaxed puppy draped over my left arm. Not good for the posture at all, but terrific for the soul.

Winston, all tuckered out, surrounded by his favorite toys

I was out and about yesterday, trying to do some errands before leaving town tomorrow to teach at the Kachemak Bay Writers Conference in Homer, Alaska. While I’m gone, daughter Quinn is hosting a wedding shower here so you can imagine I’m a little frantic. I resorted to stuffing things in cupboards last night.

While in the car, I caught snippets of two interviews. One with Davy Rothbart and his brother (missed his name) who are visiting 52 cities in 49 days (!) to promote their new book:

Davy read from notes and lists and other ephemera that people have found and sent in to him for his books and for his magazine aptly titled Found. One of my favorites was a list a tourist had made of things to do in the Big Apple: Visit Statue of Liberty, See Ground Zero, Get nails done.” I’m going to get the book — from my local indie bookstore, of course! — but it got me to thinking about things lost and things found and wondering what my character might find (or lose) that would change her story. Fun to ponder!

After buying some Tango Violet geraniums to replace the New Zealand flax plant that didn’t survive the winter (a pot with a dead plant on the front porch is not all that welcoming a sight for shower guests), I caught a snippet of an interview with Francis Ford Coppola, here in Seattle as part of the amazing Seattle International Film Festival. Loved this quote: “The things that got me fired from my first jobs are the same things they gave me a Lifetime Achievement Award for.” So celebrate your quirkiness!

If you are home this weekend and plan to barbecue, you need this

from my friend, Julie Reinhardt. Like her, the book is witty, warm and wise. Be prepared to hanker something meaty after reading!

Finally, I wanted to leave you with a teaser. Even though I will be on a plane to The Last Frontier, through the magic of the internet, a new post will appear here tomorrow. It’s an interview with a wonderful author whose initials are C.L.