Filling Up the Brain Bucket

I am running away for the weekend. Not too far — just to the Redmond Marriott for what should prove to be yet another stellar SCBWI conference put on by Team Washington.

I will finally get to take Jon Scieszka to task in person for making me thoroughly embarrass myself on a plane not too long ago when I laughed far too loud and long while reading his autobiography, Knuckleheads.

Tonight I’ll do my best to mingle with the folks who show up for Kids’ Lit Drink night. . . but I can’t stay too late because everything starts bright and early tomorrow morning.

And speaking of genius and feeding of same, if you can’t come to the conference, go listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s lecture on the topic over at Ted. (I still need someone to teach me how to embed video links in my posts!) I didn’t love her book but I adored her talk!