You Gotta Have Friends

Today was a day of renewing friendships made two years ago at the Warrensburg Children’s Literature conference (that means you, Marie and Glenda) and making real a very dear cyber friendship.

I’ve shared with you some artwork sent to me by Kaelen, a talented young artist from near St. Louis. She and I had become pen pals and awhile back her mom emailed me and said if I was ever in the midwest to let them know. I told her I was going to be in Warrensburg and she immediately arranged to bring Kaelen to meet me.

When you look at Kaelen, you see a sweet young woman. But what you don’t see is her tenacity. This is a kid for whom life and learning are far from easy and yet she perseveres. She has made it her life’s passion to turn other kids on to the joy she’s found from reading. She does this through her amazing artwork (featured in a few earlier posts) and through word of mouth. I wish you all could meet her because five minutes with Kaelen would keep you going through the darkest and toughest hours of writing.

I am one lucky, lucky writer.