Children’s Literature Festival

I am in Warrensburg, Missouri. Not for the NCAA Championships (have you ever seen me try to throw a basketball?) but for my second ever visit to the University of Central Missouri’s annual Children’s Literature Festival.

Today was mostly a travel day but I did catch up with the darling Jane Kurtz, the irrepressible (or is that irresponsible?!) Terry Trueman, old Eureka Author Festival buddy P.J. Peterson, paparazzi-in-training Vivian VandeVeld and the very sweet Sneed Collard. I met Mike Shoulders and Robin Brickman (who was wearing the most stunning sweater she knit herself) and thoroughly embarrassed myself by thinking Mike Spradlin was my driver from 2 years ago and not the much-ballyhooed author of The Youngest Templar. Maybe I’ll be able to dig myself out of that hole by the time I leave Tuesday. Sigh. Other fine authors and illustrators here are too numerous to name but you can read all about it here.

More tomorrow!