Sign of the Times

For some reason, I seem to be sign sensitive on this trip to Boise.

Have you ever seen this on a sign before?

It makes more sense if you know that the school one should keep off is this one, Amity Elementary, in Boise, recognized for its innovative design in the 1970s when it was built:

Is it a school or Mayan pyramid? Amazing to me is that the inside of the building doesn’t seem as dark or closed in as you might guess from the photo here. And, in the early years of the school, the playground was the grass on top of the building!

After visiting two schools today, I was ready for a long walk along the river. I didn’t have my camera but walking through the Boise State University campus I saw this on a small, nondescript brick building, “Do not spraypaint artwork in this area.” Not sure what it means but there was no spray paint anywhere on the building!

My favorite sign of the day, however, had to be this one:

Not a bad motto to live by!