If It’s Friday, I Must Be In Boise

If you ever get invited to visit schools in Boise, say yes! I’ve had a great time this week, walking along the gorgeous greenbelt, exploring the downtown, eating to-die-for Crackly Orange Cookies from the Boise Co-Op and, of course, chatting with several hundred grade-school students.

The day started out yesterday at Highlands Elementary where I was interviewed by these two intrepid reporters, Issi and Ade.

They asked great questions and they made me feel right at home.

And look at this great mural on the Highlands’ library wall:

The teacher who picked me up in the morning to take me to Highlands had told me her mom would be driving me to the next school, Lowell. I thought how sweet that Mom was pitching in to help but then I learned that “Mom” is the principal at Lowell! I ended the day at Shadow Hills, where I got to spend a few minutes in the faculty room with a fun-loving bunch of teachers who were trying to come up with names for their fitness challenge team names. My fav: The Slimdog Millionaires. It was at Shadow Hills that I saw this thought-provoking sign:

Today I gave two presentations at Horizon Elementary which I believe is the largest grade school in the district. Over pizza, I chatted with a small group of students and we had a great time recommending books to one another.

The whirlwind week of school visits ended at the cozy small school, Adams — another great group of kids who were attentive listeners and asked terrific questions.

I was so impressed with how involved the principals were with my visit and how cohesive and caring the staffs at the different schools were. Even though I’m beat after my busy week, it was a reassuring reminder of all the things that are right about public education.

I’ll give two more presentations tomorrow at the Young Writers Conference and then fly home. On Sunday, I do not plan to get out of my jammies at all. And I fully intend to be a couch potato watching every crazy/glam minute of the Red Carpet show and the Oscars!