Teacher Tuesday

Thank you to Cheri Dobbs, a middle school librarian AND PreK3-Grade 12 Coordinator of Library Sciences in Beverly Hills, Michigan, another Twitter friend who readily agreed to play along with the Teacher Tuesday quiz. Those Twitter peeps are the best! Okay, Cheri, here we go. Please fill in the blank: You should never read and (blank) at… Read more »

Today’s guest is Ilse O’Brien, Grade 5 Literacy & Language, and History teacher at Wilson Middle School. Ilse is another of my Twitter friends who saw my plea for quiz participants and quickly said yes! So grateful for all the Ilses in this world. So here’s the first question, Ilse: Please fill in the blank. You should… Read more »

Today’s guest is Nora Galvin, a Literacy Specialist for an elementary school in Massachusetts. She is one of my Twitter friends, agreeing to play the Teacher Tuesday quiz after I put out a plea. What a trouper she is! Okay,  Nora, you know the drill. The first question: Please fill in the blank: You should never… Read more »