I Am So Over Writing About Strong Girls*

From this day forward, I am never going to write about strong female characters again. Even though I consider myself a feminist, a dear friend recently pointed out an insidiously subtle social value I’ve been perpetuating. In my defense, I think I might be forgiven for it: I am a baby boomer, after all. Raised… Read more »

“The past is not a package we can lay on the shelf.” Emily Dickinson

Friend Friday. . .on a Monday

There are too few Fridays in April and too many friends with new books so this feature is spilling over into today! I am so pleased to host Kathy Cannon Wiechman who is celebrating her debut novel, Like a River. I met Kathy at a fabulous Highlights Foundation Whole Novel Workshop a year ago November…. Read more »

Throwback Thursday

As I have confessed elsewhere, I haven’t always been an historical fiction fanatic. As a middle-schooler, my daughter got me hooked on reading this genre by introducing me to a lovely duo of books by Jennifer Armstrong: The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan, and Mary Mehan, Awake.   Even though I enjoyed reading historical fiction, I certainly… Read more »

Pretty is as pretty does. My mother