Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but I’ve been quiet this summer. Hard to blog when a son gets married, parents celebrate a 62nd wedding anniversary, a granddaughter turns three, book deadlines loom and there’s yucky stuff to manage on top of all that good. But then again, nearly every summer, I’ve gone quiet here, taking time off to ponder… Read more »

Friend Friday

I love this weekly opportunity to celebrate my fellow book creators’ new work. Sometimes I know the friend I’m hosting well; sometimes, we’re friends in the making. Though I’ve never met Carol Ekster, I’m glad to begin our acquaintance here! “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the change it has… Read more »

Friend Friday

This is the second time I’ve hosted Caroline Starr Rose at my blog, and I certainly hope it’s not the last. She writes from her heart, whether it’s about a dyslexic girl on the prairie or two unlikely friends in colonial America or a beautiful but endangered environment, as with her newest book, Over in… Read more »

Friend Friday

What a delight it is to host Jane Kelley today! She wrote a completely original and endearing novel, The Desperate Adventures of Zeno and Alya, which I read (disclaimer: and blurbed) and loved. Loved! We were connected through a mutual friend in publishing so have never met in person. Note to self: remedy that asap. Today we… Read more »

Friend Friday

Mary Casanova and I bonded over weddings and second hand shops when we first met in Warrensburg, Missouri, several years back. I doubt that Mary has ever met a stranger: we became fast friends in an instant. She is warm, and kind, has an infection laugh and a grand gift for writing. One of my… Read more »

“What are we doing if we’re not taking chances?” Tess Gallagher

“Words should be weighed and not counted.” Yiddish proverb

“There is no wide road that leads to the muses.” Propertius

“Forget about inspiration. You won’t get anything done sitting around waiting for it to strike. Creativity is work. It requires discipline, tenacity, undeviating routine, and the total investment of both body and mind.” Twyla Tharp

Friend Friday on a Monday

I have so many writer friends and not enough Fridays so this special guest post from one of my favorite poets, Laura Purdie Salas is running today. I met Laura when her book A Leaf Can Be won a Golden Kite honor and we were lucky enough to share a table at the gala luncheon…. Read more »