Friend Friday

Anyone with a passion for getting history right is my friend, and Gail Jarrow falls in that category. I am honored to host her today, in celebration of her newest book, Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary (Calkins Creek). I love history, and I love science. That’s why I write nonfiction books combining the two…. Read more »

Friend Friday

I had the privilege of reading an ARC of Robert Sharenow’s newest book, The Girl in the Torch, an intriguing and fresh immigration story, and he was kind enough to agree to be a guest blogger for Friend Friday. EMBRACING THE DREADED TOTAL REWRITE Like most writers, I tend to despise rewriting. When I’m working… Read more »

Friend Friday on a Monday

I love having so many friends but hate running out of Fridays. Ah well, that makes Monday more interesting. At least, it makes this Monday more interesting because I get to introduce you to the thoughtful Sarah Fox and her book, Downwind. As someone with a dear friend who grew up as a Downwinder and… Read more »

Throwback Thursday

I’ve been immersed in WWII for research for the new book, mostly home front stories, but I came across an amazing slice of history that happened 72 years ago today. 2nd Lt. Elsie S. Ott was put in charge of the first-ever air evacuation of wounded soldiers, in this case from Karachi, India, to Walter Reed… Read more »