Friend Friday. . on a Tuesday!

I have long admired Deborah Hopkinson’s writing and if you have ever heard her speak, she does an amazing job of giving the story behind the story of her books. If she’s ever at a conference near you, attend her session. I really love the way she gives teachers concrete ways to use her work… Read more »

Friend Friday

Nanci Turner Steveson is a repeat Friend Friday essayist. Her new book, Georgia Rules (Harper Collins) is not out for a few more months (don’t worry; I’ll remind you closer to the time. But I’m sure it’s possible to preorder her book from your favorite indie bookstore!). I’m delighted to host Nanci once again! You… Read more »

Generally on Fridays, I introduce you to new books and the writers behind them. I guess the birth of my fourth grandchild this week has made me nostalgic. Today, I’m thinking of the writers who blazed the trail for us, and for me in particular. As a newbie writer, I first fell in love with middle… Read more »

Friend Friday

I love this weekly opportunity to celebrate my fellow book creators’ new work. Sometimes I know the friend I’m hosting well; sometimes, we’re friends in the making. Though I’ve never met Carol Ekster, I’m glad to begin our acquaintance here! “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the change it has… Read more »