Friend Friday

I am so grateful to count Augusta Scattergood as a friend! She’s well-read (she reviews for the Christian Science Monitor), smart and a tiny bit sassy. And she tells a very good story, as evidenced by her newest book, Making Friends with Billy Wong (Scholastic). I’m going to let her tell you about it.   Sometimes stories… Read more »

Butterfly Sisters

A year (or so– time flies), three amazing women gathered at the Larson beach house near the Canadian border. Augusta and Barbara and I knew each other; Susan and I knew each other. But none of us had been roomies before. It worked out smashingly. Not only did we laugh, eat well, collect beach treasures and… Read more »

Throwback Thursday

This isn’t too far back, but I am so grateful to these women: Susan Hill Long, Barbara O’Connor and Augusta Scattergood. I invited them to Shangri-Lar just last year for a writing retreat (some of us didn’t even know each other!) and out of that we produced 4 books, all to be pubbed in 2016…. Read more »

Throwback Thursday. . .sort of

When I was growing up, “like a girl” was an insult. But nowadays, who wouldn’t want to throw like Mo’Ne Davis, run like Mary Cain, or use her brain cells like Deepika Kurup? Girls can do so many amazing things, which is why I am celebrating April with a Girl Power Giveaway: you can win… Read more »

Friend Friday

I just know Augusta Scattergood and I would’ve been best friends had we met as kids. We would’ve been the quiet ones, in the back of the room, trying to read our library books during math lessons. As it turned out, I met Augusta in person on one of the saddest days of my life…. Read more »