Happy Book Birthday to Me!

Get out your party hats and horns! Today is the book birthday of the second of the Audacity Jones’ books: Audacity Jones Steals The Show (Scholastic). In her first adventure (Audacity Jones to the Rescue), Audie defeats bad guys who want to kidnap President Taft’s niece. In this book she not only meets Harry Houdini, shesaves a… Read more »

Throwback Thrusday

In the 1910’s, women clothing designers finally started to design clothes without corsets. The fabrics were softer and followed the women’s body instead of confining it. This more relaxed fit must have really helped Audacity stay comfortable on her adventures!  

Throwback Thursday

Following is a breakdown of the type of women employment in the US in the 1900’s. Wonder what Audacity would aim to be….probably something even more rare, like a detective! Domestic servants- 1,740,800. Teachers- 124,000 Nurses- 68,000 Doctors- 212 Architects- 2

Throwback Thursday

In 1910, as Audacity Jones was exploring her own independence, Washington State became the 5th state to grant women the right to vote.

Throwback Thursday

In 1910, Audacity Jones would have paid 14 cents for a dozen eggs. That would have been about $3.50 in today’s dollars (which is less than I pay for my carton of organic free rangers at my local grocery store).