“Forget about inspiration. You won’t get anything done sitting around waiting for it to strike. Creativity is work. It requires discipline, tenacity, undeviating routine, and the total investment of both body and mind.” Twyla Tharp

Friend Friday

I am so delighted to host Ana Maria Spagna today. Among the many other hats she wears, Ana Maria is Assistant Director of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts MFA program; the only MFA program sponsored by a writing community rather than a university. Though she has tackled many serious topics in the past, her newest… Read more »

Friend Friday on a Monday

I have so many writer friends and not enough Fridays so this special guest post from one of my favorite poets, Laura Purdie Salas is running today. I met Laura when her book A Leaf Can Be won a Golden Kite honor and we were lucky enough to share a table at the gala luncheon…. Read more »

Throwback Thursday

As I have confessed elsewhere, I haven’t always been an historical fiction fanatic. As a middle-schooler, my daughter got me hooked on reading this genre by introducing me to a lovely duo of books by Jennifer Armstrong: The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan, and Mary Mehan, Awake.   Even though I enjoyed reading historical fiction, I certainly… Read more »

Friend Friday

It’s such a pleasure to host my longtime friend, Janet Lee Carey, today. I think I’ve known Janet since dragons roamed the earth! And now she’s written a third book featuring them. Please pour yourself a cup of tea and sit back to enjoy your time with one of the kindest and most creative women… Read more »