Boise, Idaho

I’m here in Boise, Idaho (did you know there’s a Boise City, OK, as well?), gearing up for a week of school visits. Tonight, the kind front desk person of the Residence Inn drove me to the grocery store where I stocked up on bottled water and fruit. . .okay, and some junk food. On… Read more »

What could be sweeter than starting the day off at Mockingbird Books, talking to a lovely group of folks, from 2 years old up to . . .well, legal age plus. I felt so welcomed by owner Allison, and her extraordinary staff: Geeta, Linda and Sue. If you are ever in the Greenlake area, pop… Read more »

Slow Bloomer

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I planted up a dozen or so pots of paperwhite bulbs to force (along the way, learning that paperwhites are Susan Patron’s birth flower. Note to self: find out what your birth flower is). All of the pots provided lovely fragrance and clean white color in time for Christmas, just… Read more »

Hitting the Wall

Take one very small but determined writing friend. Put her in a confined space for several days. Whine at her frequently about what a hard time you’re having working on a particular novel. If that friend is Mary Nethery, here is what will happen: She will make you find your car keys and drive to… Read more »

Falling in Love Again

The last time I feel head-over-heels it was for this really cute guy with long hair who asked me to the senior prom. (We’re still dating!).But I have fallen in love again. Cupid pulled back his bow and I am now smitten with: An Asus Eee 901, Sweet Pea model. Adorable in any view.Friend Joni… Read more »

Snatching Ideas from Nature

You are going to hear a lot in the next few posts about my recent stay at Shangri Lar with my darling friend, Mary Nethery. I forgot my camera and, as soon as Mary completes her 39,000 hour flight home from here, she will send photos. Until then, I will do my best to paint… Read more »

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness #1: Cheryl McKeon, of Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA, gave away her very own signed copy of the Two Bobbies to Wally Lamb. That’s why I adore/love/worship indie booksellers! When I learned that Mary Nethery would be coming to the Seattle area for a school visit, I emailed… Read more »

Walking and Wondering

I’m trying to ignore the irony of the fact that I read The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson during several evenings of walking on the treadmill. Mr. Nicholson is my peeps. I don’t do very well if I go too many days without a walk. I prefer my walks neat, thank you very… Read more »

Back stories

Saturday, daughter Quinn and I drove 90 miles north to Bellingham for a baby shower for my niece. Baby Eliza Mae is due to arrive on March 28, 3 days before my grandma’s birthday. That got me to thinking about family and bloodlines and such. I come from a long line of strong, smart, beautiful… Read more »

Mary just sent me an email, citing a finding that researchers have realized men and women respond to stress differently. We might say, “duh,” to this. . . but one reason researchers were slow to tumble is that most stress research (evidently) is done on men. It appears that women have another option in their… Read more »