Evocative Objects

Thanks again to my friend, Julie Larios, for all of the many new perspectives she’s brought to me, including bringing Evocative Objects: Things We Think With (ed. Sherry Turkle) to my attention. There’s a lovely essay in this book on knot-tying, to which I alerted Susan Patron, given that her character Lincoln is never without… Read more »

Toys and Tools

Not only did I get to hear the genuine and insightful Susan Patron speak last night, I got to dine with her, too. Over bowls of Mexican Chicken soup, we chattered away about everything from her newest book to where to buy galoshes. Later, as she signed a copy of Lucky Breaks for me, I… Read more »

You all know how much I love Barbara O’Connor and her work. Will you keep her in your thoughts and prayers? If you are a regular reader of her blog, as I am, you know she just lost her mother. That on top of losing her beloved dog, Phoebe, last month.

Good Things

That Hattie! She has friends all over the place. And I get to benefit from that, in so many ways. If you’ve followed the weather here in the Pacific Northwest, you know it’s been cold, gray and snowy. But the Larson house is full of light and cheer, thanks especially to two of Hattie’s pals…. Read more »


This past weekend, I finished Lucky Breaks (having borrowed an ARC from Christy MacDanold) and my happiness glands and sadness glands are both still pumping. Sequels are generally to be approached with trepidation but not in this case. Susan Patron has delivered a story that I think sings even more beautifully than The Higher Power… Read more »

The Superlative Susan Patron

Normally, bloggers first post a book review and THEN the author interview. But I never have done things in the proper order. Check in tomorrow for my (enthusiastic!) review of Susan Patron‘s newest book, Lucky Breaks. For today, enjoy this cyber-conversation with the 2007 Newbery Award winner: Were you a flashlight-under-the covers or a run-and-play-and-collect-bugs… Read more »

Research Riches

DISCLAIMER: This is not an ad for nor endorsement of a certain on-line auction site. But I have to share. Poet and fellow flaneur, Julie Larios, recently shared her passion for collecting old snapshots, especially those of families eating together. She purchases these photos off the afore-mentioned website, essentially giving them a new home and… Read more »

The Three Little Gators

The only thing wrong with Helen Ketteman‘s new picture book, The Three Little Gators, is that unless you live in Florida, you won’t be able to hear Helen read it. I certainly can’t do justice to this rollicking read-aloud with my plain old Pacific Northwest voice. No sirree: this book needs a gal from south…. Read more »

What Can You Buy for a Buck?

Continuing the theme of feeling so blessed by those I’ve met because of my writing life, today’s post is about two friends of mine, a mother-daughter team, from Wisconsin. I met Robin and Helen at the Wisconsin Reading Association Conference a year or so ago. Robin is a college prof, fellow bookworm and completely delightful… Read more »

Life’s Sweet Surprises

Writers take risks in setting stories to paper but readers take risks, too. I was reminded of that recently in a conversation with a young friend I’ll call Louisa. She confessed that it had taken her two months to get up the courage to email me to tell me her thoughts about Hattie Big Sky…. Read more »