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Can I say “thrilled” about today’s guest post? Not only is the kind, generous and forward thinking Laurie Thompson in the house, but she is bringing along my favorite illustrator who has shaked (shooken?) Roy Rogers’ hand: Paul Schmid. You are in for too much fun, including a giveaway so pay attention.


Laurie Thompson, photo credit: Mary Balmaceda

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Paul Schmid


In honor of Friend Friday, author Laurie Ann Thompson and illustrator Paul Schmid are delighted to share what happens behind the scenes when two friends get a potential opportunity to work together on a picture book. These are actual outtakes from some of their emails leading up to the acquisition of their new book, My Dog Is the Best….


Editor, to Agent: I met with an artist–Paul Schmid–the other day, and he loves the text. He was going to do a sample or two for me.

Agent, to Laurie: Eeeep! Fingers crossed and hopefully we will hear more soon J

Laurie, to Agent: I know Paul well, and own several of his books myself. He’s a local, and we go way back! I once made him go onstage in front of 400+ people without warning. Hopefully he’s not bitter. 😉 Fingers crossed!!! 🙂

Agent, to Laurie: That’s hilarious—what a small world J

Laurie: Hey Paul, I just heard from my agent that you’re doing some samples for my dog manuscript for FSG. I just had to reach out and say that I can’t think of anyone who would be more perfect to illustrate that book! And what fun we’d have co-promoting it together!! It’s such an incredible honor and a thrill to know you’re working on my dear doggy story!!! Okay, I will now resume dancing around the house with this ridiculous smile on my face… =D

Paul: THAT’S YOURS??!! I freaking LOVE this manuscript!! Working on a whole dummy right now. Too much fun! Keep your fingers crossed they buy it! I just HAVE to illustrate this thing! Fantastic.

Laurie: Oh my gosh, that just made me even happier, which I didn’t even think was possible, since I’m already over the moon!!! 🙂 I will definitely keep my fingers and toes crossed! <3 Woohoo!!! There’s one line that still bugs me…

Paul: No, no, no!   I think that line (with what I’m doing with the book visually) is very dry and funny. One of my favorites. I hope you’ll like the way I am handling it…..  I never can tell if the way I see things is going to send the author into cardiac arrest or something. I’m having a blast though!

Laurie: Haha! Perfect! 🙂 I truly think you are the perfect illustrator for this one, so I’m positively sure I will LOVE whatever you do with it (and I am sure FSG will, too!). Plus, if you’re having a blast, I know it’ll be extra amazing. And don’t even worry about my “vision” on this one. I have never had anything specific in mind for it. It has always been something more along the lines of “insert illustrator magic here.” 😉

Paul: I don’t know if it is ok for me to send you my sample dummy. Did they share it with you? I love this book!

Laurie: They did send it to me, and I absolutely adore it!!! You made my agent get teary. You made me giddy. The editor was extremely pleased.

Laurie: I was looking at it on my iPad during my son’s basketball game earlier (bad mommy!). Now that I went back to admire it again on a bigger screen, I see that you are a genius. This is such a simple text, with so much of the burden on the illustrator to bring it to life. You did all that and so much more. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! =D

Laurie, to Agent: Do you know what day the acquisitions meeting is? Paul and I are wondering how long we’ll have to work with our fingers crossed. 😉

Agent: Haha! It’s so funny that you guys are both waiting for this together J

Paul: That’s a long time to wait! What are you going to do to celebrate?

Laurie: That’s a little premature, isn’t it? 😉


Laurie: I just got some very good news! 😉 You? =D

Paul: No! What? What?

Laurie: I’m sure you’ll be hearing from your agent shortly. =D

Paul: HA! Excellent! Congratulations to us! This is going to be fun! !!!

Yes, congratulations to us! THANK YOU for making it happen! This is going to be so awesomely fun! And NOW we need to figure out how we’re going to celebrate!!! Other than dancing around the house, which I’ve already done. 😉

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Laurie Ann Thompson’s other books include Be a Changemaker and Emmanuel’s Dream. From the day she was born, many of her best friends have had four legs and fur. She now lives with her husband, two children, a grouchy cat, and a disabled dog in the Pacific Northwest. Visit her website at or follow her on Twitter at @lauriethompson.

Paul Schmid has always said his pet rat, Emily, was the best. He is the author and illustrator of Oliver and his Alligator, A Pet for Petunia, and Hugs from Pearl. In 2010 Paul was awarded a month long fellowship with Maurice Sendak. He lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife and their daughter. Find out more at or on Twitter at @PaulSchmidBooks.

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    Fun post. It’s rare, I think, for the author and illustrator to work together so early in the process. How delightful for them. Thanks for this post.