Monday Funday!

I just got a box of these in the mail:

the paperback version of the Lucky Dog anthology that came out in January. Yay!!! My story, Like An Old Sweater, features a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (no surprise to those of you who know how crazy I am about our Winston).

At IRA, the sublime Becky Anderson, of Anderson’s Bookshops (Chicago area) told me she was hand selling the heck out of this collection of dog tales, which made me want to wag all over because the proceeds from this book go to benefit Red Rover (learn more about that organization here).

Because Mondays generally need a little brightening, I’ve decided to give away 3 copies! Here’s all you have to do: share the title of your favorite ever dog book. 

First three commenters win a copy of the book!

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  1. Xena's Mom

    Good morning, Kirby! I have been thinking long and hard about ONE of my favorite dog books. I have an extension collection of dog books so picking one is never going to happen. I am going to chose a picture book. Homer by Elisha Cooper will stay in my heart forever. You already know I love Duke and Dash!

  2. Ryley Z.

    Because of Winn Dixie- a favorite dog book of all time. My 5th grade students love it too!
    Ryley Z.

  3. Rosi

    Since I won a book recently from you, please let someone else win, but I wanted to give a shout-out to Because of Winn-Dixie. Terrific book. By the way, I reviewed A Bird on Water Street, the book I won here, on my blog this week. Elizabeth Dulemba sure wrote a wonderful book! Thanks.

  4. Kirby Larson

    It is hard to choose! I had forgotten about Homer; will have to go re-red it. Email me your snail mail address for your copy of Lucky Dog! (

  5. Kirby Larson

    The first line of Because of Winn-Dixie is about the best line ever! Ryley: email me your snail mail address for your copy of Lucky Dog!

  6. Kirby Larson

    I thought I knew all of Betsy’s books but I don’t know My Dog, My Hero! Thanks for sharing that one, Julie! Now email me your snail mail address for a copy of Lucky Dog!

  7. Kirby Larson

    Susan, even though you’re commenter #4, I’m feeling generous so email me your snail mail address and I’ll send you a book, too!

  8. Jason Lewis

    @jasontes5th: @KirbyLarson Even though I’m late some of my fav. dog bks include Winn Dixie, Shiloh, A Dogs Life, Duke, and Cracker: Best Dog in Vietnam!

  9. Kirby Larson

    Jason, you got lucky! Email me your snail mail and I will send you a copy of Lucky Dog. Thanks for your comment. I still haven’t read Cracker; need to bump it up the list!

  10. Sonja Anderson

    My favorite dog book is Hachiko, by Leslea Newman. It’s based on a wonderful dog from Tokyo, and his statue is a favorite meeting spot at the immense Shibuya train station. People say, “I’ll meet you at Hachiko’s tail,” or “I’ll meet you at Hachiko’s left ear.” A very heartwarming tale.

  11. Maria

    Isn’t it fun to see how a special post about dogs bring a community of readers together! My favorite is a clasic, Lassie.