Monday Musings

I love the way technology is making it so much easier to connect me with my readers. Video chats are one great way to make those connections and I was delighted last week to chat with a father/son book club about Duke. The boys had lots of questions for me (including asking where I got my corny jokes– what corny jokes?!!). One dad even got brave and asked me what made me write this line of dialogue, coming from Duke’s handler, Marvin Corff, in response to Hobie’s question about whether Marvin’s injured leg would get better: “Let me put it this way. The leg won’t get better, but I’ll get better at using it.” I was very touched that line resonated with him, and told him it was inspired by one close family member who deals with a lot of health issues but never lets them get her down.

My time with the great folks of St. George’s Independent School, in Tennessee, was too short and very rewarding. It made me wish all the more that adult/child bookclubs had been available when my kids were little.

Here are some of those great boys with the special adults in their lives:

Thank you, Jennifer Winstead, for arranging the Skype visit. Maybe we can do it again sometime!