Starting the year with a full heart

I am so grateful to all the teachers, librarians and fellow writers who have taken time from their busy lives to write guest posts for this little blog. I just wanted to share that I have made a donation in honor of all my guest bloggers to one of my favorite causes, Orphans Africa (started by fellow writer Michele Torrey and her husband Carl Gann). If you’re one of my guest bloggers, this thank you note is for you!

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  1. vezenimost

    Kirby, this is such a wonderful way of honoring education and people you interviewed and bringing the world of literature to children in Africa. You are such a thoughtful and generous person. Thank you.

  2. Deb K.

    Kirby, what a wonderful way to honor all teachers, librarians, nerdybookclub members…putting books in kid’s hands, it’s what we do best! Happy New Year!


  3. Deb K.

    Kirby, as a December guest blogger, thank you for recognizing that the best gift from your bloggers would be to put books in kids’ hands. It’s what we do best! Happy New Year!