Friend Friday

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you will love this new book by Loralee Leavitt. Loralee has figured out a way to combine science and sweets — what’s not to like???

Here’s what Loralee shared with me about her book:

Candy Experiments began as a suggestion from my four-year-old daughter (now 9), when she asked if she could put some Halloween Nerds in water. At first I thought it was messy and wasteful, but I let her do it. A few days later,
when she asked again, I realized: she wanted to dissolve all of her candy! I covered the table in bowls of water and we set to work. That’s when we started noticing strange things, like the way the m’s on M&M’s floated off of the candy. Looking back at the science I’d studied in school, I realized I could demonstrate science principles with some of these crazy experiments, and the rest is history (and hard work).

My book covers science topics such as density, melting and freezing, sinking and floating, acid, nutrition, and many others. It also contains really cool experiments like soaking gummi worms in water to make them grow, dipping cotton candy into water to turn it into slime, and dissolving candy to make crystals.

Writing this book has been a great experience doing kitchen experiments, science research, and lots of consulting with experts. It has, I’m sure, been much the same process of discovery that you’ve gone through for your historical novels.

Your local elementary school librarian would love you for donating this. And you’d be uber-popular with neighborhood dentists, as well. 

Just kidding.

But I’m not kidding about getting this book. I’d say more but I’m busy making a giant gummi worm.