Friend Friday

Two of my favorite words: Jennifer. Holm.

Not only is she an amazing writer of historical fiction, (Our Only May Amelia, The Trouble with May Amelia, Penny from Heaven, Turtle in Paradise, and the Boston Jane series) with her brother, Matthew Holm, she manages to create a new graphic novel about every three minutes. AND she wears slippers to work.

Maybe you have been under a rock and you do not know about BabyMouse. Time to get up to speed:

Extreme Babymouse (Babymouse, #17)

Ahem. This is BabyMouse book number 17. Seventeen! Lucky for you, it doesn’t come out for three more days. That gives you time to catch up on books 1-16.

Get cracking.

No Responses to “Friend Friday”

  1. Kimberley

    She really is amazing. I put you both on the same height pedestal. Historical fiction is my weakness. I just started following your blog. I hope you don’t mind if I stalk you a bit. 🙂

    First in Maine

  2. Leslie Davis Guccione

    Well here’s a happy coincidence. I was just given a copy & have popped it in the mail to my son, a Mammoth Mountain junior snowboard team coach, to share with his hot shots!