Simply Sunday

I don’t generally post on Sundays but I have two simple and simply wonderful things to share.

First, a tasty and quick dinner from Kevin and Amanda’s blog:

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite sized piece
1/2 cup fresh sage leaves
1.5-2 T butter (yes, butter!)
S & P

Salt and pepper the chicken pieces, tossing to coat. (I used salted butter so would skip the salt next time).
Heat butter over med/med-hi heat until browned and fragrant.
Add chicken in one layer. Top with sage.
Cook for 2-1/2 minutes, then flip and cook 2+ minutes more.

Serve with pasta or by itself. Yum! And I’m not even that fond of sage.
(no photo because we ate it up so quickly!)

Second, if you are an iPad user like me and get frustrated because your big fingers keep hitting the wrong thing on the screen, buy one of these:
SPIGEN SGP iPhone 5 Stylus Pen Kuel H10 for iPhone 4 / 4S and iPad 2, The new iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3 [Reventon Yellow]
My son-in-law got one (in black) and once I used it, I had to have one, too. Mine is yellow, which goes very nicely with my orange iPad case. And it plugs into the earbud port so it’s always right there and handy.

You’re welcome.