Fan Letter Friday

Pretty hard to top email like this:

Dear Ms. Larson, Ms. Nethery, and Major Dennis,
Greetings from Mr. Ritzen’s First Grade Class at Discovery Primary in Milton, Washington!
On Tuesday, May, 15th  a special process took place to honor four outstanding books, The 2012 Discovery Primary Book Caucus.  The evening  consisted of students performing commercial presentations, campaign booths featuring each book, and opinion papers about which book is best using the TREE (Topic Sentence, Reasons, Examine Reasons, and Ending Sentence) writing strategy.  The evening culminated with a vote by friends and family for the favorite book based on the presentations and campaigning done by the students.  

 It is my pleasure to inform you that Nubs is the winner of the 2012 Discovery Primary Book Caucus.  This is the second year in a row that a Larson/Nethery book has earned the top honor (Two Bobbies was our winner last year).  And to Major Dennis, welcome to the club and thanks for documenting such a great story.  Below are the official results of the voting and the campaign photo of the winning team as well as an attached certificated of appreciation to honor your book.  Thank you for writing a book with such a motivational message.
Take care and we look forward to your future work.

The Nubs’ Campaign Team

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