I am so mad at Gary Schmidt

Gary Schmidt
I mean, he may be a nice guy and all that but he keeps planning trips to the Seattle area when I’m scheduled to be out of town! I’ve wanted to meet him ever since reading Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy; I finally got my courage up to send him a fan letter for Wednesday Wars. Did you know he writes on a typewriter?! And I want to hear more about his latest, Okay for Now, which I was betting would get some kind of Newbery nod. I forget where I was last time he was in the Seattle area, but I am going to be in Georgia when he is here for the Western Washington University Children’s Literature conference, Saturday, February 25. Waah!

Okay, even if I can’t go listen to him, some of you probably can. This lively and intimate conference is a terrific way to spend a winter Saturday. And, if you attend, not only will you get the scoop on Gary’s writing and books, you will also be delighted and blessed by the gracious and talented Laura Kvasnosky
Laura Kvasnosky
and the media-savvy author of the Skeleton Creek series, Patrick Carman.
Patrick Carman
If you go, please share your notes with me!

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