Catching Up

Whirlwind few days — off to Little Rock to accept the Arkansas Diamond award (with pals Mary Nethery and Jean Cassels)
Jean, Mary and I after our panel

Jean drawing the Bobs for a director chair back

Bad news, ARA folks: Mary, Jean and I would do *anything* to be with you all again. Serves you right for serving up an super-sized helping of southern hospitality!
We mentioned we were hungry and, voila, lunch was served!

Our lovely award
NCTE — a blur of good writing friends: presenting with Deanna Day-Wiff, Deborah Hopkinson and Jim Murphy; dinner with Pam Munoz Ryan, David Levithan and almost with Andrea Davis Pinkney (who couldn’t handle the Hancock Tower heights); lunch with Jenni Holm; glass of wine with Karen Cushman; another dinner with Candy Fleming, Jenni, Pat Mora and amazing teaching professionals like Nancy Roser and Colby Sharp (to name a few). New friends: Jennifer Nielson (read her The False Prince!); Matthew Kirby (read his Icefall!) and Kathleen Schlick Noe (read her Something to Hold!); and old, including the much-beloved Mr. Schu and Tom Angleberger who has completely won me over with his charming, delightful Horton Halfpott.
View from the Hancock Tower at the Scholastic Family Dinner

Me, Jenni Holm and uber teacher Colby Sharp at the Random House educators’ dinner

Glad to be home, however, and while you are all whipping up Thanksgiving feasts, I am whipping up homemade dog food for Winston the Wonderdog who has developed a very sensitive tummy. 

I am grateful for: friends to celebrate with, a home to come to and stories yet to read and tell.

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  1. Jen

    I’m sure you were wonderful at each event! It was a complete pleasure and honor to have met you!