Motherreader calls ’em as she sees ’em

So Pam Coughlan invited me to be on a panel with her, Lizzy Burns and Little Brown publicist Zoe Ludewitz at KidLitCon (based on this year’s conference, you do not want to miss KidLitCon 2012!). It was a lot of fun until Pam shared one of her pet peeves: author blogs that don’t list the author’s full name and her books.

Gulp. Guess whose blog did not have her author name and list of books? But if you peek over to the right hand side of my blog at this very moment you will see I have corrected this oversight. Whew.

There were many specifics I picked up at this year’s KidLitCon but, really, what will stick with me longest is the lovely supportive atmosphere. I’m telling you, the kid lit world is magic.

Others will sum it up more eloquently than I. But kudos to Jackie Parker and Colleen Mondor for knocking themselves out to host us all; to all the presenters for generously sharing their time and expertise; and to all of the book bloggers out there who spend their precious free hours making sure the world knows about children’s and young adult books.

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