The Friendship Doll has a friend!

You have to love a blogger who not only chats up your book in a positive way, but also creates an adorable craft to go along with it! Valarie Budayr writes a blog called Jump Into a Book: Making Kids Books Come Alive. Here’s her review of The Friendship Doll and here are the darling origami Friendship Dolls she was inspired to whip up:
At her site, she offers a downloadable pdf of instructions to make the dolls. I haven’t tried it yet, but am thinking it might be a great craft for the American Girls book club I’m meeting with on September 7 at the Woodinville Barnes and Noble!

Thank you, Valarie!

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  1. Valarie

    Thank you Kirby for sharing our Friendship Doll inspired project. I would love to see what the American Girl Doll club does if you should choose to share this. If you knew how many years we played with out American Girl dolls over here. So glad you enjoyed it. Take care and have a great time in Woodinville.