Winston Wonders

I have been spending a goodly amount of time on Kirby’s lap, helping her with her work in progress. And even though she scolds me for doing it, I see her doing a lot of digging as well. I, of course, am much more sensible about it, digging in the dirt (or, in a pinch, the compost pile). Being human she has trouble getting even simple things right. I rarely see her dig in the dirt, except to plant things. Mostly she digs around in books, on the internet and in places called archives which I only get to hear about because they have foolish attitudes about dogs.

Lately, she has been spending time pawing through this book.
She is particularly fond of the city maps.

I did some sniffing around in her credit card statement and discovered she’s ordered quite a few of such atlases and old maps from Alibris and ebay. I thought I’d share that to save you time if you’re as crazy about historical research as she is.

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  1. Emilie

    Oooh:) Old maps are fun, especially if you’ve been to the place and you can compare. A map of London just before WWII saved my life while writing my first book. Best of luck with this newest project!